About Us


Who We Are?

Aircon servicingcompany.sg is a leading air conditioning service company in Singapore that is trusted by thousands of people in the region. With the aim of providing unparalleled air conditioning services, we take pride in our experienced team and latest technologies that help us deliver quality services to customers with diverse needs. We are a One-Stop service that can address all your air conditioning services needs, ensuing the maximum functionality of your unit.

At Aircon servicingcompany.sg, the customer always comes first. Your need is what matters to us the most. Our commitment to excellence and customer centric approach helps us extend top-notch services. We know that the smooth working of your units not only help you stay comfortable within your homes and offices, it also helps you save considerable amount of money. That is why we collaborate with you in the quest of ensuring flawless operations of your air conditioning. We are always there whenever you need.

Why Choose Us?

There are scores of reasons that make Aircon servicingcompany.sg the top choice for customers in Singapore.

  • Experience. We have years of experience in the field that helps us deliver quality services.
  • Complete range of services. Unlike most companies, we offer a variety of Aircon services.
  • Latest Industry Standards. Complying with the latest Heath and Safety Regulations, we follow up to the minute standards in all that, we do.
  • Professionalism. From the time, you contact us until we complete our services; we make sure you get professional services. Our team of professionals follows the best professional etiquette so you can be sure to receive royal treatment.
  • Dedicated Team. Our team has the vision to serve you by all means and is dedicated to ensure you face no trouble once you appointment us for your Aircon

·         Affordability. Despite of offering quality services that you can trust, we are affordable. In order to stay within the reach of all, we offer a range of service price packages to help to choose one that fits your budget.

  • Efficiency. Efficiency is the hallmark of Aircon servicingcompany.sg. We know that we cannot keep you waiting since you cannot do without air-conditioning in hot and humid weather. That’s why we are always there to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

·         Reliability. We have proven record of providing Aircon  services that give you real results.

·         Specialization in All Brands. No matter what is the brand of your Aircon , we have complete expertise in fixing and servicing it.