Types of Aircon Services

Normal servicing. We can help you ensure the original working of your air conditioner. With our general services, you can get your unit cleaned and check. It will also cover checking of bio-pure/ deodorizing filter as well as cleaning blower wheel. Your air conditioner will get a new life, will perform better and its life will increase. We will also check all settings as well as refrigerant system, ensuring that your unit is in perfect state to provide you with the best performance.

Chemical servicing. In case if you want a more thorough solution, consider chemical servicing. Our experts can help you determine if the chemical servicing of normal servicing is ideal for your unit. Our chemical services include dismantling of fan coil unit, electronic control and drainage device. It also entails a test run system, vacuuming of the drainage system and chemical wash of fan coil unit and all parts. Some of the benefits of chemical services include; prevention of water dripping as well as condensation issues, and increased cooling. With our chemical services, you will also be able to save on energy costs.

Aircon overhaul. We also offer Aircon overhaul service. It is the process that helps to clean air con unit not been cleaned for a long time. If your machine does not work properly even after regular service this process can help. In this process, the air filters are cleaned thoroughly with chemicals in order to ensure that the air that comes out of the unit is clean. With this process, allergies and breathing issues linked with dirty, dusty air are prevented. We will also lubricate the bearings of the fan, which will eliminate the noise.

Gas top up. If there is any unsealed leakage in your unit, you can benefit from our gas top up service. In this case, it is important to seal the leaking area prior to gas top up. Gas leakage may happen because of improper installation of the unit, poor quality copper pipe in addition to other reasons such as chemical residue left over from inappropriate chemical wash. With our gas top up service, you can ensure maximum cooling and efficiency of your system once again.

Parts replacement. It is obvious that some part of your unit may stop working and need replacement. However, it is important that you get the parts from services that are reliable. We make sure that you are provided with genuine parts so that they may last for years and you continue to enjoy cool and fresh air from your air conditioner.

Troubleshooting. Our technicians also know how to troubleshoot units regardless of the complexity of the problem. We will troubleshoot the problems in your unit, prepare reports on the issues and recommend repair options. Not only this, we will also educate you about the issues and how we can help with our services. We make sure that you benefit from the most affordable servicing option that is most effective for your need.